Colored Women are Political Powerhouses yet they are Still Vulnerable Socially

A recent report titled “Black Women in the United States, Progress and Challenges” revealed that colored women in the US tend to be more vulnerable to violence and health issues as opposed to their other counterparts. Despite this, black American women have progressively made steps when it comes to education as well as ownership of businesses. In addition, the report reveals that black women are becoming more powerful in political polls. They are a leader in voter turnout among American women.

This report provides an insight into the state of colored women across the US over the last six decades. It comes at the dawn of an era where political parties are looking to gain an edge with women voters. It is also a time when political parties are trying to gain an edge by debating the role of government as well as social programs in crafting social mobility.

According to the report, black mothers with small children are more likely to work as compared to the other groups. Furthermore, black women are the leaders when it comes to female labor force. Despite being leaders in labor force participation among women, colored women are likely to be victims of violence in the US today. The chances of a black woman being murdered, raped or beaten by a spouse or stranger are higher in the US than those of other groups of women.

Women have been subject to employment discrimination and this was even felt more by black women than white women. Due to the many years they have been receiving disadvantaged payments, women have limited access to pensions sponsored by employers as well as reduced cumulative wealth. According to this report, 65% of black American women constitute the lowest income of a household across all the demographic groups in the United States.

African American women are the most vibrant section of the Rising American Electorate. This can be attributed to the fact that black women have been leading the turn out in electoral polling stations as compared to any other demographic group in the past two Presidential elections. Some may be thinking that the large percentage turnout in the two elections were largely due to President Obama being on the ballot. However, this is not true. According to the recently concluded election of the gubernatorial seat in Virginia, colored women once again took the highlights by exceeding all other groups in voter turnout on the day of election. Black women were pivotal in turning Virginia blue as the state prepared for the mid-term elections of 2014.

Education can be seen as a factor that has largely contributed to the rise in power of black women. Black women have outshined their male counterparts when it comes to getting college degrees at higher levels as compared to other women in other demographic groups. Furthermore, there is a decreasing rate of high school drop outs and teenage pregnancies among the black community.

Black women are very essential when it comes to winning the general black vote. Their higher voting turnouts as compared to their counterparts over the past two voting processes can attest to their significance. However, their high representation at political polls has hardly turned into political representation. The 113th Congress has 102 female representatives and only 16 of them are African American. This translates to a mere 15.7% of the whole representation. In addition, only 242 of a massive 1,787 women serving in a state legislature in the US today are black.

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