A Career in FCREF leads to Vancouver animal hospital

My career at FCREF would have an impact on working of Vancouver Animal Hospital for me it was a surprise, but though it existed. My entire career has been spent working for FCREF. I was known as one of the native workers of FCREF. I went for a research project to explore different hospitals of Canada for some organizational projects that have to be dealt with FCREF inner issues.

I was given a list of hospitals that I was to research with my team mates. Upon our arrival in Canada we held a meeting to discuss about the beginning and framework to begin our project. One of my colleagues raised a question about Vancouver animal hospital that why is it not included in the list of hospitals to be visited as it is the number one hospital in Vancouver if veterinary is the concern.  We all didn’t bother and continued the rest of working because we were there for a limited period of time. After the meeting I called that colleague of mine and discussed with him that why he was putting an emphasis on the Vancouver animal hospital to be listed in the project. As the rest of our day was free he took me to the hospital, where he told me to meet the doctors and after that I will myself request to include such a good hospital in the list.hospital2

Upon his request I went to the hospital with him. It was located in the plaza on Cornwall Ave. at Cypress St., close to Kitsilano Beach and Vancouver’s West End. We told the admin department that we are from FCREF and we are here on a project and wants to meet the doctor. When they found we are from FCREF they complied with us and we were about to meet the head of veterans in about an hour. The doctor greeted us with compassion and my collegue started to ask questions from him. He told us that this hospital is number 1 on Vancouver why, because all its veterans are  certified by the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia. They believe in providing contemporary proactive veterinary medical techniques to prevent the most common diseases, so with regular check-ups we certainly help your pets to maintain their health for years to come. He also told us about the head and founder of the hospital Dr. Tejpaul Bhatia, who was well known for his expertise. The hospital was also famous for providing facilities such as  ear and dental cleaning, nail trimming, grooming, and allergy treatment, deworming, endocrinology, dermatology, and cardiology services, a few of them were not provided by other hospitals. The hospital also had a competitive services of providing homecare pet service which others were not accompanied with. They also provided prescription food for pets to maintain their health. The hospital had a team of veterans who have loads of veterinary experience and knowledge to provide authentic care at fair price.


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