A Career in FCREF leads to Vancouver animal hospital

My career at FCREF would have an impact on working of Vancouver Animal Hospital for me it was a surprise, but though it existed. My entire career has been spent working for FCREF. I was known as one of the native workers of FCREF. I went for a research project to explore different hospitals of Canada for some organizational projects that have to be dealt with FCREF inner issues. Continue reading →

Why Many Americans Hate Politics

Vote_Rigged_Ballot_BoxIn such a time when polarization is believed to be at its highest, there is a single
thing that still unifies the center to the left and right. This is the disparagement held by the people with regard to Washington, the political system and the elected leaders driving this system. In every corner you walk, people have reasons as to why they feel manipulated, shut out or in some cases deprived of the hard truth. Political campaigns are controlled by big sums of money and rather than the Congress’ members legislate, they often posture and from time to time they use political speeches as a highway for wholesome spins and half-truths. Continue reading →

Is the Fuss Regarding Washington NFL Team’s Name an Issue of Political Correctness?

According to legendary football player and coach Mike Dikta, the fuss surrounding the name of the Washington football team in NFL is just too much political correctness – something that many Americans are in agreement with.

Political correctness has quite a history in US culture. In order to evade being nfl teamoffensive, a number of popular past terms for addressing women as well as certain minorities in the society have gradually been faced out. Political correctness has been present and is still very present in today’s United States of America. Continue reading →

Is Taking Smart Drugs like Modafinil Patriotic?

It is a common story that a hardworking student finally gets his/her reward of joining a coveted university program but is unable to cope with the pressure of the program and instead turns to drugs. This has totally changed in the modern days. Rather than students turn to recreational drugs like the generations of our politicians and fathers did, scholars in the current technological world are enjoying educational drugs.

Afinil Express and modup are 2 of the most reviewed places to buy modafinil online today. Modafinil and Ritalin are today on the increase among Continue reading →

Hillary’s Obama Blow

By now, it is clear that Hillary Clinton is in the race for the presidency seat come 2016. As a result, she needs to establish some significant distance between her camp and whatever is infuriating the public supporters of the Obama presidency.

In a recent Interview with Jeffrey Goldberg, Hillary made a step towards this direction by indirectly criticizing the current president’s inability to support the military’s efforts of moderating Syrian rebels earlier on. She sites this as the major reason behind the rise of the ISIS movement, which now simply calls itself the “Islamic State.” Continue reading →

Colored Women are Political Powerhouses yet they are Still Vulnerable Socially

A recent report titled “Black Women in the United States, Progress and Challenges” revealed that colored women in the US tend to be more vulnerable to violence and health issues as opposed to their other counterparts. Despite this, black American women have progressively made steps when it comes to education as well as ownership of businesses. In addition, the report reveals that black women are becoming more powerful in political polls. They are a leader in voter turnout among American women. Continue reading →

African Americans Unhappy with Obama’s Ferguson Response

Two weeks into the shooting of 18-year old Michael Brown by a police officer Mr. Darren Wilson in Ferguson, St. Louis and the public (hugely comprised of African Americans) is heavily criticizing the police for closing ranks around Mr. Wilson. A recent poll by CBS News/New York Times revealed a mixed reaction towards Obama’s handling of the shooting incident in Ferguson. Despite the positive reviews outweighing the negative reviews (41% and 34% respectively); a full one quarter of Americans had no opinion. Continue reading →